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'Kelly' was bought in early 2016 having been stood outdoors for some time. She is an ex Bournemouth Transport (and later Yellow Buses) Leyland Titan PD2/3. She was built in 1950 for the Bournemouth Passenger Transport Authoirity and still carries their crest on the sides. Her fleet number matches her registration number, i.e. 110.

'Kelly' requires a good bit of work before being returned to service including the fitting of a reconditioned engine, replacement window seals and new floor fittings on the upper deck. We hope that shortly 'Kelly' will be returning to the Wyvern Omnibus workshops to have the bodywork completed as well as remaining work to return 'Kelly' to our vintage private hire fleet. 


'Getty' is the first vehicle to join the Wyvern Omnibus fleet that is not a bus! Getty is a 1952 Dennis F12 Fire Engine. Which was transported by low loader to our workshops from Skegness. New to Rotherham Fire service she spent all of her working life there before retirement. Having then spent the next 40 years in a barn it was only earlier this year she saw the light of day again before being sold to a couple of different owners before being passed on to us. It is hoped that after a period of restoration that she will be available for hire at weddings. If you are interested in the progress being made to 'Getty' please follow the facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/dennisget666/