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London Routemaster
RM642 - London Routemaster

RM642 is our 1960s London transport Routemaster, of which many others can still be seen on the streets of the capital. With a seating capacities of 56 it is ideal for any wedding being an Icon of everything British. In their stunning red and white paintwork they will stand out where ever they go! This is a favourite for classic bus hire in the West Midlands!  - This vehicle has been withdrawn for the 2020 season due to CV19.

AEC Regent 5 TTT781

TTT781- AEC Regent V

TTT781 is a AEC Regent V built in 1956 for Devon General. It operated in Devon as the name suggests until it was withdrawn in 1968. The vehicle was then saved and was part of the West of England Transport Collection. The vehicle most recently had been with another heritage operator in the North East. This is a recent addition to the Wyvern Omnibus collection but be right at home.

Bournemouth Tiger 401
JLJ401 - Leyland Tiger

JLJ401 is an ex Bournemouth Transport (and later Yellow Buses) Leyland Tiger PS2/3. She was built in 1949 for the Bournemouth Passenger Transport Authoirity.
*This vehicle is available for hire from the start of 2020 onwards. JLJ401 has spent much time operating for other heritage operators in the South West but was recently purchased by Confetti Wedding Cars who we have recently joined forces with. With a capacity of 31 this is perfect for smaller groups alongside KTC615.

Guy Arab 3 831XUW
831XUW - Guy Arab 3

831XUW is a Guy Arab 3 built in 1949 for Accrington Corportation. This beautiful bus has only recently joined the Wyvern Omnibus fleet having worked with another heritage operator in the North, with a capacity of 33 it is the perfect for smaller groups of people along side JLJ401.