Wyvern Omnibus Ltd

Let's Go Wherever, Together!

"Bob" is this Massey bodied Guy Arab IV, TFJ 808. Built in 1956 for Exeter Corporation Transport, she remains in their livery and retains their distinctive route lettering destination blinds. 'Bob' is fully ready for private hire work and will hopefully be a popular vehicle.
She has been a regular performer on private hire duties in her native West Country, but the long move North proved that she is able to handle anything with ease. With a 56 person seating capacity, she is perfect for large parties wanting to arrive in style and looks stunning alongside her smaller sister "Jenny" our Exeter Corporation single decker. Please note that this vehicle will only be availble to hire until September 2018.
"Jenny" is a beautiful 1949 Weymann bodied Daimler CDV6 of Exeter Corporation Transport. Having spent all of her working career and her retired life in the West Country, the long trip to the West Midlands was taken in her stride. "Jenny" makes an excellent pairing with our other Exeter Corporation vehicle TFJ 808 "Bob" and when they are together they look stunning in their green and cream paintwork.  Please note that this vehicle will only be availble to hire until September 2018.
Rosie & Ruby
"Rosie" and "Ruby" are our 1960s London transport Routemasters, of which many others can still be seen on the streets of the capital. With seating capacities of 56 and 72 they are ideal for any wedding being an Icon of everything British. In their stunning red and white paintwork they will stand out where ever they go!


Leo is our 1973 Marshall bodied Leyland Leopard and is perfect vehicle for any occasion. Leo can travel further away than our older vehicles with the higher road speed, style and comfort, practically any destination can be got too. We have completed many successful day trips in Leo so whether you need us to provide the transport or help with organising where to go and what to see our team will be happy to help.


Our 1975 Bristol LH was purchased back in May 2015, 'Katie' is a ECW bodied Bristol LH and was new to Devon General in 1975 and was the first vehicle in the Wyvern Omnibus fleet. While 'Katie' has been a private vehicle up to now we have decided to make her available to hire. 'Katie' is a little gem with seating enough for 44 passengers, she is ideal for day trips, proms, local tours and our speciality of wedding hire.